Summer of Code – Progress Report#1

Hi, this is my first progress report on my Google Summer of Code project Improvement of the filter module of Krita and Adding more filters to it.  I have been working on the filter’s module since April and have implemented the Alpha Channel with Curves (A feature Request) and now  have fixed a bug that is related to the Dodge and Burn filter.
It took me a lot of time to work this one out however after the results I was quite happy as I had created 12 new files and made changes to 2 files. The results were better than I excepted. Timothée Giet(IRC nick – Animtim) tested it and has also done a short demo on one of his painting to better depict the use of the Dodge And Burn filter.

 amsterdamSF-Animtim                                The Original Painting

amsterdamSF-AnimtimFXD                               The painting edited by using dodge and Burn(Using Dodge on Highlights and Burn on Midtones)

So, simply put, this filter provides us with an easy way to improve tone balance and contrast in a painting or a picture.

Coming up next is the implementation of  Color Balance filter and the improvement of the Edge Detection and sobel filters.

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